Château Montrose Selection (4 bottles)
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Château Montrose Selection (4 bottles)

Château Montrose 1955
Saint-Estèphe, Red Bordeaux Blend
2eme Grand Cru Classé
730 ml / France / 12% ABV

WA 95+
“Tasted from magnum at the Montrose vertical in London, the 1955 Montrose is a legendary vintage for the estate. Certainly my solitary encounter several years ago was off the charts, a view since vindicated by others lucky enough to have encountered it. Certainly here, the 1955 had an amazing, deep, almost refulgent color with a thin tawny rim. The bouquet was very intense with dark berry fruit, bergamot, Earl Grey and even dried honey, unusually opulent for this normally quite foursquare vintage. The palate is swarthy and structured with great depth and balance. One or two commented upon the volatility of this wine and true, this upended the finish, blurring the edges. It is one of those occasions where a perfect bottle would clearly be close to perfection, whereas this magnum pointed you to it rather than gave you a first-hand experience. Therefore, my plus sign against my score indicates that a perfect specimen could be one of the best wines that you will ever taste. Tasted June 2016.”
March 2017 (NM – Wine Advocate)

Château Montrose 1959
Saint-Estèphe, Red Bordeaux Blend
2eme Grand Cru Classé
730 ml / France / 12% ABV

JG 96 | VN 93 | WA 95 | WS 96
“The 1959 Montrose in magnum is an absolutely magical wine at its zenith of peak drinkability and one of the greatest vintages of Montrose for current consumption. The utterly pure, complex and haunting nose soars from the glass in a refined mélange of cassis, black cherries, sweet cigar tobacco, hints of black truffles, a beautiful base of gravelly soil tones, a very gentle touch of herbs, incipient notes of chipotle peppers and a smoky topnote. On the palate the wine is deep, full-bodied and utterly seamless, with a silky attack, great mid-palate depth, beautiful soil inflection, bright acids (particularly impressive for a ’59) and still a bit of melting tannin perking up the very, very long and stunning finish. The length and grip here are simply profound, and though this is a fairly broad-shouldered wine, I have little doubt that it barely tips 12.5 percent in alcohol and it will continue to cruise along at this celestial level for many, many decades. A great, great vintage of Montrose that is particularly stunning out of magnum.”
April 2017 (JG)

Château Montrose 1966
Saint-Estèphe, Red Bordeaux Blend
2eme Grand Cru Classé
720 ml / France

JG 93 | WA 86
“Tasted at the Montrose vertical in Stamford, the 1966 Montrose is a wine that I drank and raved about in the 1990s, though in tandem with the 1970 it seemed to reach the end of its drinking plateau and recent bottles were inferior. Here, there are vestiges of dark berry fruit on the nose, which is now dominated by tobacco and undergrowth. It now feels foursquare and correct. Those same adjectives can be applied to the palate that has a distinct tertiary persona, slightly dry tannin and showing some attenuation towards the finish. I suspect that large formats might replicate some of the joy I found in the 1966 a few years ago, but regular bottles should be consumed sooner rather than later. Tasted May 2016.”
March 2017 (NM – Wine Advocate)

Château Montrose 1970
Saint-Estèphe, Red Bordeaux Blend
2eme Grand Cru Classé

JG 95 | WA 92
" This is one 1970 that appears to possess the necessary components to develop into something special. It remains youthfully hard and astringent, but there is no doubting the high levels of concentration and intensity. Moreover, the wine exhibits a classy, complex bouquet, offering up scents of cedar, black fruits, minerals, and leather. Full-bodied, powerful, and rich, with outstanding concentration, this wine requires another 7-10 years of cellaring - can you believe that? It is unquestionably a 40-50-year wine."
June 1996 (RP - Wine Advocate)

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