Pottery: Prairies and Beyond

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This auction features an extensive collection of mid-century pottery from the "Prairies and Beyond". 

Alberta has a long history in the field of ceramics and most of the influential ceramic artists are featured in this sale.

Ted Diakow  |  Walter Dexter  |  Ed Drahanchuk  |  Walter Drohan  |  Jan Grove  |  Folmer Hansen / David Ross  |  Robin Hopper  |  Tommy Kakinuma  |  Marie Sibyl Laubental  |  Luke Orton Lindoe  |  Vivian Lindoe  | Neil Liske  | Peter Powning  |  Don Wells


Showroom Previews
Noon to 4 pm on the Following Days

  • Saturday, September 23rd
  • Closed on Sunday, September 24th
  • Monday, September 25th

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